Unesco grants Reykjanes Geopark the green card

The UNESCO Global Geoparks Counsil grants Reykjanes Geopark a green card for the next 4 years at the 8th council session last December.

UNESCO, the United Nations Organization for Cultural Affairs, recognized Reykjanes as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2015. This does not mean that Reykjanes Geopark can wave the flag of being a UNESCO Global Geopark for the foreseeable future without working for it. Geoparks around the world go through an assessment every four years. There, the progress and work of the geopark are examined and what needs to be improved, etc. After the evaluation, there is a result that can go in three ways, the red, yellow, and green card. If a geopark receives the red card, it loses its UNESCO Global Geopark title, the yellow card gives the geopark only two years to respond quickly to proposals for improvement. The green card is the best possible outcome, then the geopark is given four years to work on proposals for improvement. Reykjanes Geopark received the green card in its first review in 2019 and again now in 2023 in its second review. It is safe to say that the good work that has been done in Reykjanes in recent years has produced these excellent results. The founders and the board of the geopark are therefore extremely proud of the project and plan to continue working to strengthen the foundations of Reykjanes Geopark

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