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Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark is an area of 829 square kilometers, 0.85% of Iceland. There the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises above sea level. Various forms of volcanic activity that has shaped the peninsula for a long time. In the Geopark it’s easy to find geothermal activity and see the shaping of different landscapes, hundreds of different craters, caves and lava fields, a variety of bird life, astonishing cliffs, high geothermal activity, and black sand beaches.
The Geopark and its hiking trails are accessible all year round.


Walking Distance

difficulty Hard
A monogenetic volcanic fissure (2 km) with scoria and spatter craters, rugged lava formations (20 sq. km), lava tubes...
difficulty Hard
The Vatnajokull Region welcomes you with magnificent nature and great variety in activity, culture and delicious local food...
difficulty Average
Djúpavatn / Spákonuvatn / Arnarvatn
Three lakes in the hylaoclastite Ice Age ridges Vesturháls and Sveifluháls, containing groundwater. Djúpavatn is partly a crater lake,...
difficulty Average
Eldborg by Höskuldarvellir
The grassy field, Höskuldarvellir northwest of Grænadyngja and Trölladyngja is bordered in the northeast by a large, prehistoric monogenetic...
5_Eldborg við Geitahlíð
length 1 km
difficulty Average
Eldborg við Geitahlíð
A prehistoric, volcanic fissure cuts into the slopes of Geitafell, a hylaoclastite table mountain. Out of five craters, made...
difficulty Average
A 10-km-long row of scoria and spatter cones in off-set (en echelon) sections, with centrally placed geothermal features and...