Brimketill Geosite receives the 2023 Environmental award from the Icelandic Tourist Board

The Icelandic Tourist Board awarded Reykjanes Geopark the Environment Award for 2023 for the development at Brimketill, It is an interesting tourist spot in a short distance west of Grindavík. Where you can see the power of the North Atlantic Ocean when the surf hits the rocks. Waves and external stress have gradually shaped cups and cauldrons into the basaltic rocks. There you can see a Brimketil, which is a peculiar kettle in the sea level that is most reminiscent of a hot tub on a sunny day. In the past, there could be great danger when people went out on the rough lava, which is cracked and rough with rough edges and surfaces.

Emphasis on increased safety and improved access

 This is a project to improve safety and accessibility for tourists. It was considered necessary to define the accessibility at Brimketill as well as to prepare a viewing platform and paths that match the landscape. Reykjanes Geopark has received five grants from the Tourism Site Protection Fund for Brimketil. At the beginning, a detailed land-use plan was prepared for the area around Brimketil, where the emphasis was on improved and safer access. Subsequently, a viewing platform was prepared, a parking lot was demarcated, a footpath was formed along with signs with information about the area. Most recently, the viewing platform was expanded, as well as making it safer and improving accessibility.

The projects correspond well with the focus of the fund regarding safety and improved access to tourist destinations.