2024 EGN Conference hosted by Reykjanes Geopark

Reykjanes Geopark secured last week, the next international conference of European Geoparks Network (EGN), which will be held at the beginning of October 2024 in Hljómahöll. It is estimated that up to 600 people will attend the conference.

Applications to hold the conference were announced last spring, and the deadline for applications expired on November 30 last year. The application was then followed up at the EGN coordination meeting that took place in Hateg UNESCO Global Geopark last week, with a presentation from Reykjanes Geopark. Subsequently, members voted between applications, but four applications were received for the meeting from locations in Finland, Denmark, Greece and Iceland. Iceland received about half of the votes, which guaranteed Reykjanes ground floor the right to hold the next conference.

The international conference of the European Geoparks network aims to present and discuss the projects and activities of the Geoparks. The conference lasts for 3 days, with up to 150 talks, field tours and seminars, which discuss, among other things, regional development, tourism, sustainability, education, innovation and the protection of nature within geopark territories throughout Europe.